Far Away

Been a few long rough days, just not sure in which direction to head. The baby still in the hospital, haven’t seen my mom or sister in a few years, and now I have a DWI because I was stupid enough to get behind the wheel of my vehicle while well-over intoxicated. Well, here it is;

You wake up every morning feeling different
Never know what to expect that day
Feel disillusioned with much confusion
For you never know what to relay

The past in the past still the present is unreal
You wish sometimes to go back
To those moments that meant a great deal

You picture and imagine all of those days
If you only acted different things would have changed
Now this life seems so complicated
But amazingly it still seems prearranged.

Everything happens for a reason
Or so I was told..
For what reason do i get punished?
All i’m guilty of is growing old

You want those days to come so fast
You miss out on what life’s about
Don’t make an immature mistake
Next thing you’ll know it’s time to knock out

You’re now six feet under and nothing to do
But sit there, rot, and get eaten for ages
Don’t let life pass through all you want,
Because you want those far away days with those forgotten faces.


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