Confessions of a Broken Heart

I sit here alone
Wondering why
These feelings I’ve felt
Have torn through so dry

You told me it’s over
And I know it is,
But these feelings I’ve felt
Will never be dismissed

I’m sorry for what happened
I was such a disgrace
A hypocrite in a life
That I will never again face

I’ve seen I’m not over you
And it hurts me so bad,
I trust I can forget all of it
In hopes not to feel sad

You kissed my hand
And the memories flew right by
The tears running down my face;
I can’t help it but cry

You heard I’m unoriginal
But I’ll tell you this
I really did fall in love with you,
I always felt bliss

I hope you’ll be happy
But I’m torn apart
Don’t let this get to you babe,
These are just the confessions of a broken heart


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