Broken Friendship

This is another old one I’ve had. Lately it seems like my posts are too negative, but eventually it’ll change;

Broken Friendship
You’ve always said, “I’ll be there for you,
You can always come to me,”
But you blinded my eyes, and hoodwinked my mind,
And you hid the truth, so I couldn’t see.
If offering my love, was such a sin,
And you were so offended,
Why didn’t you tell me, to leave you alone,
Instead of acting so contended?
We aren’t even friends anymore, and it’s basically my fault,
For I tried to help, I tried to care,
But you locked yourself inside a vault.

We were good friends, and maybe more,
At least that’s what I thought,
But then you ran, and slammed the door,
And this horrible scar you wrote.
When you reached out your hand to me,
I took it and guided you in,
But when I did the same, you just looked away,
And said, “There’s no reason?”
You’ve known that I loved you, and still you said,
“You’re just here to help me through,
But take a look at the guy over there,
Isn’t he just so cute?”

I’ve put up with that,
for quite awhile,
And yet I tried to care,
Looking past that rough surface,
Hoping the light would be there.
But now it’s done,
I’m through with caring,
I won’t put up with your girlish fears.
Our friendship is over, cry if you want,
But I won’t help dry up your tears.
Don’t look at me as some mean jerk,
For you are the one to blame too.
How can anyone stand a walking pack of lies,
And not go immediately insane?


2 thoughts on “Broken Friendship

  1. hi im new to blogging and would appreciate your follow .. im blogging my poetry that i use as a way to deal with life and love to share my random crazy weird mind process haha

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