Another wonderful day of rain and misery. I still need to go calibrate the SmartStart device that is now required in my vehicle for me to drive it due to driving while intoxicated back in 2011. It’s taken 4 years for them to finally prosecute with a misdemeanor charge, 160 hours of community service and 15 months probation. This is quite the excitement. My attorney, what a guy, didn’t actually do anything for me but charge me 250$ an hour for no apparent reason. Anyways, Here’s my writing for today.
When I went to bed last night
I made a wish for you
I closed my eyes and tried real hard
To make my wish come true

All night I dreamed of nothing else
Than your sweet smiling face
Once again I was with you
In your warm, strong, embrace

When I awoke and looked around
I wondered if you were here
I spent another lonely day
Without you nowhere near

And when I go to bed tonight
I’ll make a wish for you
I’ll close my eyes, try real hard
And hope your wishing too


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