CSGO Poker

For all of my friends that play Counter-Strike Global Offensive and also love to play poker. A new way of betting for skins! www.CSGOPoker.com


(1) Deposit a skin worth more than .45 Which will turn into coins (Currency: 1000/1$)

(2) Start playing!

You can find the Discussion boards here

Texas hold’em poker, Rock Paper Scissors, Giveaways and much more!

Things that you can find on our website:
– Texas hold’em poker;
– Rock Paper Scissors battles;
– Coin and CS:GO skin giveaways;
– Experimental Crack The Code mini-game;
– Other stuff, including community suggestions, to be introduced!

What does BETA in the logo mean?
The website is still under development and we have released it to the public to find glitches, bugs and to give you access to our service as soon as possible. Abusing bugs and not reporting them will get you in trouble. If you experience any issues with the service, please contact us via forum. If the issue is severe and very important, contact us on Steam.

Why are you not giving me my coins back or helping me with a failed bot trade?
You most likely posted a help comment on somewhere useless like YouTube, Steam PM or even E-Mail. Don’t do that. Post on the forums and you’ll be put on a support queue and eventually get your problems sorted. You WILL NOT, I say again, -WILL NOT- get help any other way.

Why is it taking so long for me to get an answer?
We try to solve every problem. The thing is that we are humans too, so we need to sleep, we have jobs and can’t dedicate ourselves to this website 24/7. We are also based in the EU timezone, so we cannot usually help during very late/very early hours.


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